ContiTech History

Our origin. A foundation of ideas.

ContiTech History

Continental Aktiengesellschaft is established in 1871 in Hanover. This is where our predecessors manufacture the first pneumatic cycle tire in Germany, and clever scientists invent the first treaded tire for cars. Starting from these innovations, Continental becomes a leading tire manufacturer.

In addition to tires, technical products also add to the company’s reputation: when the first German airship takes off in July 1900, it is a complex balloon material from Continental that seals the gas cells off from each other. New dampers made of a rubber/metal composite absorb shocks and make driving safe and comfortable.

Our compressible offset printing blankets have given us a leading position on the international market for decades. Power transmission belts deliver safe power transmission in ever more powerful engines.

Air spring systems give commercial and rail vehicles a smoother ride, while fuel and service fluids in cars and machines flow through hose lines from Continental. Continental is also active in the mining sector: steel-cable conveyor belts revolutionize material transport in mining.

The success of all these products leads_content_content to the creation of a specific group in 1991 with the new generic ContiTech brand name.

By 2004 ContiTech AG has grown to become the world’s largest manufacturer in the non-tyre rubber sector.

In 2008 the car of the future operates with ContiTech drive, interior, suspension and fluid technology solutions that ensure sustained mobility.

Continental completed acquisition of the American rubber company Veyance Technologies Inc., in Fairlawn, Ohio, on January 30., 2015. With the most important acquisition in the company's recent history, the international automotive supplier, tire manufacturer and industry partner is strengthening its worldwide industrial business.

ContiTech History – Brazil

  • 1999/10: Start-up of Power Transmission Group division with 30 employees
  • 2000/02: Start-up of Fluid Technology division
  • 2000/10: Start-up of Vibration Control division
  • 2010/04: Start-up of Conveyor Belt Group division
  • 2013: Expansion of Fluid Technology in Ponta Grossa and construction of the new plant in Macaé (RJ)

Continental-Caoutchouc- & Gutta-Percha Compagnie established in 1871 in Hanover